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Business English

About the course:
This course will improve and strengthen the knowledge and skills you already have in English, expand business vocabulary and bring it into action. With the help of communicative approach you will practice new expressions and be able to listen and understand English speakers from all over the world, write business emails, notes, create reports and messages, read and communicate easier on business topics.

The main goal:
This course will take your language command to the next level, help you to practice negotiating and learn phrases that eventually help you win and learn to discuss the terms of the project. Also you will find out how to design and make informative presentations, be able to discuss and solve issues in the company, discover how to exchange information with your colleagues and partners and learn to promote your ideas.

Course plan*

1.Negotiating deals: tricky situation, a contract
2.Promoting your ideas
3.How to use vague language
4.Corporate entertainment
5.Writing reports
6.Exchanging information
7.Making an investment decision
8.Giving feedback on a presentation
9.Taking notes
10.Giving a speech
11.Complaining and dealing with complaints
12.Solving problems on the phone
13.Disagreeing diplomatically
14.Discussing teamwork
15.Making recommendations
16.Business emailing
17.Developing a competitive strategy
18.Discussing competition and brand loyalty
19.Business travel
20.Leadership and your own leadership potential
21.Making predictions and projections

*Each topic will be practiced and processed during 1,5 — 3 hours

The candidates’ requirements:

  • At least Intermediate General English (Upper-Intermediate recommended)
  • Participate actively in the learning process.
  • Know your goals and be ready to achieve them

Results of the course:

  • Business vocabulary greatly expanded and improved.
  • Speaking, Writing, Reading, Listening Skills upgraded greatly.
  • Ability and readiness to communicate openly and discuss any issues and aspects of work.
  • One level higher in English than before.

The terms and conditions:

  • 16 weeks  — the course duration.
  • 32 classes — number of classes.
  • 90 minutes — one class duration.
  • 8 students — number of people in class.

Payment details:

  • 4000 UAH — price of the course as a single payment.
  • 4800 UAH (2 payments – 2400 UAH each)- price of the course with 2 payments.

You could wire and pay cash in our office.

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