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IT English (intermediate)

About the course:
During the course all the participants will be able to restore and strengthen all the necessary grammar
constructions needed for day-to-day communications as well as build up need vocabulary to learn more
and discuss topics related to professional area of IT. It is designed on the basis of communicative
approach which gives a chance for all the participants to be actively and communicatively engaged in the
process of discussion for greater speaking skills to be developed.

The main goals:
IT English course is aiming to actualize and build up useful vocabulary to be able to communicate freely
about the main divisions of modern IT industry as well as to explore new trends in its area.
The learners of this course together with the instructor will have an opportunity to create their personal
grammar and English skills development plans and will be given all the necessary guidance to fulfill it.

Course plan

2.IT jobs
3.Company structure
4.Corporate culture
5.Optional lesson
6.Working in team (part 1)
7.Working in team (part 2)
8.Programming languages
9.Web development
10.Optional lesson
11.Mobile development
12.Software department
13.Customers support (part 1)
14.Customers support (part 2)
15.Testing and quality assurance
16.Optional lesson
17.Presentations (part 1)
18.Presentations (part 2)
19.Job interviews
20.Career development
21.Business letters
22.Optional lesson
23.Work and life balance
24.Agile vs. waterfall
26.Startups & investments
27.Optional lesson
28.Silicon valley
29.Trends, innovations, hardware
30.IT slang
31.Optional lesson

The candidates’ requirements:

  • At least Intermediate General English.
  • Readiness to be active in the learning process.

Greatly improved communicative skills and increased amount of vocabulary needed for IT area.
Be able to understand spoken language more effectively in professional surrounding. To develop
reading and listening skills of technical texts to become more aware of new trends and directions
in your professional environment and being ready to discuss them in English language.

The terms and conditions:

  • 16 weeks  — the course duration.
  • 32 classes — number of classes.
  • 90 minutes — one class duration.
  • 8 students — number of people in class.

Payment details:

  • 4000 UAH — price of the course as a single payment.
  • 4800 UAH (2 payments – 2400 UAH each)- price of the course with 2 payments.

You could wire and pay cash in our office.


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