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Speaking English

About the course:
Breaking language barriers is never easy, everyone is scared of being a fool and make mistakes
while speaking. It’s always been hard to just start talking to new people.
Savvy company provides a cozy place and a friendly atmosphere to help you with that. You don’t
need to worry about what others will think of your pronunciation or vocabulary. We will help
you to improve your skills without making you feel uncomfortable. During our meeting we’ll
discuss many topics that are interesting to young people today, including relationship, traditions,
current events, traveling, national cuisine, films, education, relocation etc. Speaking club can also
be a perfect chance to meet new people and make new friends among its members.

Main goals:
This course allows to improve your English language and pronunciation skills, expand your
vocabulary, break language barriers and speak with confidence and clarity, find new friends and
to have fun!

1.Hello, world!
2.Hey, I’m Bobby! What’s the experience of being a foreigner?
3.Basic secrets of successful presentations and pitches
4.Emerging trends around the world
5.Meet, greet and eat. National cuisine
6.Discover and participate! Traditional vs. non-traditional events!
7.Optional classes
8.Debates or how to prove your opinion
9.Be like a bee or just managing your life from sunrise till sunset
10.Yakuza vs. Irish Mob mafia groups! The world cup
11.Optional class
12.Optional class
13.Motivation and goals setting
14.Game night
15.How travel has changed my life
16.Optional class

The candidates’ requirements:

  • At least pre-intermediate level of English.
  • Readiness to be active in the learning process.

Results of the course:

After attending speaking club at Savvy you will feel more comfortable with your non-native
language and you will be able to use it properly even after a long day at work. You will also
develop skills in listening, so you could understand more of what others say. You are guaranteed
to improve your vocabulary and pronunciation. You will also have great fun! It will be an
amazing opportunity to discuss things with a qualified English teacher and meet lots of new

The terms and conditions:

  • 8 weeks  — the course duration.
  • 16 classes — number of classes.
  • 90 minutes — one class duration.
  • 8 students — number of people in class.

Payment details:

  • 1400 UAH — price of the course as a single payment.
  • 1600 UAH (2 payments – 800 UAH each)- price of the course with 2 payments.

You could wire and pay cash in our office.

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